Additional Specials



thru OCTOBER 14

Served in addition to our regular menu

Shrimpy Haddock Fillet. Flakey, mild, white fillet topped with a shrimp based cream sauce with asiago cheese and pesto infusion. Candied carrot spears with a cinnamon twist. Side salad with choice of dressing. Roll and butter. - 18

Butternut Chicken Flat. A 1787 exclusive!! Our famous flatbread topped with a roasted butternut squash and apple vinaigrette, smoked gouda cheese, organic all white chicken with a house made apple and sweet onion glaze. Finished with toasted walnuts.  Half-6.5   Full-11

The Corny Clam Chowder. Rich perfectly seasoned New England style clam chowder with corn and bacon.  Topped with croutons.   Cup-4   Bowl-7

Pulled Pork Tata’ Tots. Golden tots with beer cheese, diced jalapenos and fresh smoked pulled pork. House-made BBQ drizzle.  Sm-8  lg-12

Drunkin’ Pickles. Beer battered pickle spears served with a side of Kris’ pickle sauce.  -5  

Pammy’s Pino’ Poppers. Jalapenos wrapped around cream cheese and Buffalo chicken, deep fried golden brown. Carrots and celery. Bronco sweet dipping sauce . -7

specials 1787 Oct 11 (pdf)