1787 Brewing Company Beers

As of May 16, 2019



Blue Rocks - New England Style IPA #18

This New England style IPA is named after the 15 acre rock field that is located North East of Hamburg. This is an American IPA that features mostly tropical fruit hop aroma and flavor. Heavily dry hopped to provide a fuller body, smoother flavor, and less bitterness than your standard IPA.    7% ABV    75 IBU

Penn Steel Pale Lager - Lager #23

A pale colored lager beer with a well attenuated body and a touch of noble hop bitterness. This beer is a tribute to all the hard working men and women of Hamburg's  Pennsylvania Steel Foundry whose home was on South 3rd Street from 1964-2001.    4% ABV

Fern Sholly - IPA #6

Named after Hamburg native Fern Shollenberger, who played third base in the All-American girls pro baseball league from 1946-1954. This beer has a balanced hop bitterness, flavor and aroma from Centennial and Citra hops. A very easy drinking IPA.   7% ABV   70 IBU

St. Mary's - Belgian Style Ale #17

Brewed with Pilsner and Special Malt, this Belgian style ale has a nice combination of spice and dark fruit, with a soft malt character. Named after the Catholic Church that once graced State Street, this beer has a higher alcohol content and is sneaky smooth.    9.0% ABV

5oz. – $3.75 10oz.- $5.50 Growlers- $30.00 Growler re-fills - $20.00

Dunnerwetter (Do-na’-vetta) - Simcoe IPA- #13

An old German/Dutch quote. The Dunnerwetter is an India Pale Ale that offers notes of fruit and pine. Simcoe hops create a smooth, clean bitterness that every IPA drinker loves. Named by contest winner Kris Gantert, “Dunnerwetter” means thunderstorm in Pennsylvania Dutch.    5.7% ABV    77 IBU

The “Rock”- Blonde Ale- #10

A light crisp approach to a blonde ale with a light malt flavor. Peace out to all the daredevils taking the plunge into the Skook!    4.5% ABV

Hawk Power - Amber Ale- #2

A slightly bitter beer with a smooth malt character. Caramel malt adds a toasted, toffee flavor finishing with citrusy hops.    5.0% ABV    47 IBU

Every 3rd Wednesday - Coconut Brown Ale #22

A roasty, chocolatey brown ale, finished with a touch of toasted coconut. This beer is a tribute to the infamous Piper's Pit incident that took place here at the Hamburg Fieldhouse in '84: Roddy, a coconut,  and Jimmy's head. WWF events were held "every third Wednesday."   5.8% ABV

Kittatinny Wheat - Wheat Ale #14

A pale, spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat-based ale that is named after the Kittatinny Ridge, the premier raptor migration corridor in the Northeastern U.S., where the best known hawk watching site in the east, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, is located.   5.5% ABV    20 IBU

Etchberger’s Honor - #9

Named after Hamburg’s Medal of Honor recipient Richard Etchberger. This beer is roasty and smooth with a slight oatmeal note.   6.2% ABV

Black Bridge- American Stout - #4

This strong roasted malt flavored beer is named after the bridge our parents always warned us about. Coffee and a very pronounced hop flavor make this beer as irresistible as taking a leap from the bridge into the Skook! Don’t tell Mom!    6% ABV

5oz  $2.75 

10oz  $4 

16oz  $6   

Flight  $10 

Ask for a “Billy bomb”, shot of bourbon in your PINT of beer! $3


16oz               64oz

    $9.5               $22-25  

Growler Refills 

16oz              64oz 

$6                 $12-15

Triple Berry Cider- Bouchette’s finest

5oz  $3

10oz  $5

16oz  $7.50 

*Sorry no growler fills on cider

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